MEDIA: Opioid Art

I know I’ve already said this once, but honestly, I am so sick of hearing “opioid crisis” or “opiate epidemic.”  Every single time one of these more technical-sounding terms are used on the local and national news briefings, I feel like the actual issue of drug addiction and substance abuse loses a little bit of major significance.  One of the ways that I see fit to combat this overexposure and subsequent desensitization in the news media, is by creating visual art related to opioids/opiates.  I want these pieces to stop people in their steps, I want them to shock people, most importantly, I want them to make people realize that SUD’s (substance-use disorders) are real and not just trivial political issues.

Check these out:
One of my paintings printed on a t-shirt.


Do you like these?  I genuinely hope you do.  Please, comment and/or share YOUR very own art or poetry, song lyrics, silk screens, anything you’ve done in the name of recovery.  Or addiction.  Or pain…



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