ENTRY: Praying for Energy

I’ve been writing new prayers daily the last couple days.  I try to practice humility, too, so I’m not one to pat myself on the back but I am grateful that God has guided me that way, regarding my inspiration and the time that I reserve for writing and/or my visual art.  It has been a bit longer since my last post, I am aware; I don’t like it.  I don’t have as much free access to a computer as I did before.  Of course, never fear, those entries will still be coming.

Being awake [and sober] for the day’s sunrise is such a fulfilling experience.  The feeling of being able to start over again, triggered by the naturally raised sun, is quite refreshing and reassuring.  The ability to notice organic beauty is an everlasting symbol of overall recovery.

Life is good.  Essentially, I am living it one day at a time, sober of course.  When attempting to maintain and eventually achieve long-term sobriety, the “one day at a time” mindset is truly the only one to have.  There are some very stressful situations, but hey, that’s life.  Life most certainly is not perfect, but I do believe that our lives appear to follow a uniquely special rhythm that enables overall balance.

Here’s the new Energy Prayer:

Assist me in my quest to remain/become*
For the remainder of today

As I am a vehicle for survival
Powered solely by Your will
Your very, very immense will
But Your capacity to keep
Our relationship
Intimate and extremely direct
Grants me a continuous,
Calming faith

And so with this faith,
I confidently ask You
To keep me up and running
In order to complete the cycle
To acknowledge Your will.


(*Asterisk: Use accurate word, depending on your current feelings/state of mind.)

GOD, please BLESS everyone, including the addicts that have not yet found their light at the end of the tunnel.  I pray they do, sooner rather than later.



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