MEDIA: Angel — a True Classic

I need some distraction /
Beautiful release /
Memories seep from my veins /
Let me be empty /
Oh, and weightless, /
and maybe, /
I’ll find some peace tonight /
In the arms of an angel /

These are such memorable and compelling words.  This is from the undeniably enchanting Angel, written and originally performed (so delicately) by Sarah McLachlan.  What’s interesting about the monstrous hit from 1999, is that I actually never realized it was technically meant to speak to the harrowing trials that do in fact come from the life of a drug addict.  In fact, to be more specific, McLachlan has openly stated in interviews that she wrote the ballad about all the musicians in the ’90s that were fatally overdosing (like Kurt Cobain, Kristen Pfaff, Shannon Hoon, just to name a few).

Here is an acoustic cover of “Angel” that I’ve always enjoyed, from a duo known as Clementine


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