ENTRY: Grateful for Music

In addition to my traditional life posts, self-penned prayer posts, and brilliant ‘Big Book’ excerpts, I am also going to deem this blog an online photo journal now, too. I happened to snap a bunch of photos from my whole birthday weekend as it was forecasted to be fun, but busy. Additionally, I wanted to, I suppose, chronicle the entire 48 hours pretty much. I’ll be posting two entries today, and the second one will be most of the photos from the weekend, in a beholden, scrapbook-type fashion.

I performed my first music performance in just about a year on Saturday. I had a wonderful time. The adrenaline that completely overtakes me during and after the gig is such a beautiful feeling. It is as good, if not, better than the forced feelings any abused drugs might deliver to you. Honestly, I experience this gratifying sense of accomplishment, too. I can remember, I started taking guitar lessons at 15.

One day, a few years later, I was jamming at home with a high school friend of mine; I’ll call her Mallory. She had a smooth, melodic, and overall very pleasing voice. I always liked singing myself, but I did not actually know whether or not I was any good, honestly, as I’d never actually performed vocally in front of an audience before. Feeling this unexpected sense of motivation, I decided to play and sing the Goo Goo Dolls’ classic hit “Slide” right in front of her. She was totally spellbound and emphatically told me that I needed to start singing for audiences.  That’s what I did… I was never afraid to sing in front of any amount of people ever again.

I really, truly thank Mallory for that. I will never, ever forget how much she helped me, and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to express that to her, especially since she now resides out of the country unfortunately. So, in conclusion, I’m going to dedicate this entry to the wonderful Mallory for giving me the treasured gift of encouragement. Finally, this entry is a testament to the fact that, if you’re reading this, I’m positive there is a gift inside of you, too. Open that gift up; allow me and your Higher Power to urge you to unwrap that special ability and/or talent that might be situated within the depths of your soul, “wrapped up,” if you will. Do it. You’ll be so much happier, I promise.



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