MEDIA: A Hippocratic Hypocrisy

The video shown here is, in a word, startling.  Sadly, there are many heedless doctors out there still that waste no time in churning out dozens of Vicodin and Valium scripts, simply because they know the patient wants it.  And even if the prescription calls for only seven or 10 pills, that does not at all mean that such an amount is absolved of the potential for abuse.  I don’t mean to sound graphic, but hey, who’s to say the dude that just filled his “little” week’s worth of hydrocodone isn’t going to just wash the whole bottle down with vodka?  (Mind you, this is usually a way to help ease the extremely uncomfortable symptoms of acute opioid withdrawal.)  I was a huge “doctor shopper” myself, and the biggest reason for my hopping from quick-care to quick-care was that I was desperately trying to stave off the heroin withdrawals that I could start to feel were coming for me (with a vengeance!).

There were always those rare but unavoidable times when all of my “connects” (drug dealers) would run out and have nothing left to sell.  Typically, especially in your more rural states like Maine, drugs like heroin move like candy quite frankly, and they almost always sell at sky-high prices.  In fact, those prices are usually 4x the amount one would pay in more “plentiful” states like New Jersey, Connecticut, or New York.  It’s why many dealers will actually stockpile whatever it is they’re selling down where they’re from, just so they can travel here to set up shop, typically out of the house or apartment of a desperate, hankering drug-dependent with no money, willing to give up their own bed for some dope in exchange.  (By couch-surfing, the big-city dealer becomes that much more difficult to trace by law enforcement.  Moreover, they will undoubtedly make loads of money here, peddling drugs that have also probably been cut in order to stretch the supply, therefore resulting in weaker (but just as pricey) drugs.)

Well, once the dealers run out and make the trek back to their hometown in order to “re-up,” addicts end up having to go without during this extremely difficult and unpleasant time.  Many will ultimately, inevitably experience the painful withdrawals.  In my case, I either got sick, or I would attempt to go to a quick-care facility, feigning a painful headache or agonizing ankle sprain in hopes that I would be prescribed enough Vicodin or Roxicodone to keep me well until my connect came back.  This cycle continued for years, and it was terrible.

Many doctors have gotten much better at being able to spot the signs of an addict who’s just out for painkillers or sedatives.  However, like the man in this video, it appears that there are some so-called “healthcare providers” that invite addicts into their clinics.  And they know, 110%, just what they’re doing, these doctors, that is.  It’s all about the mean green.


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