From1Addict2Another: Much-Anticipated Conclusion to Author Saffold’s Addiction Story

First, here’s a little self-penned background info about our centerfold Dave Saffold:

David J. Saffold is an author, coach, pastoral counsellor, and minister living in Nashville, TN.  His new book, uniquely titled A Beginner’s Guide To Perfection, is an endearing, eye-opening foray into the ominous underground world of drug & alcohol addiction.  The book also details a tried-and-true method for obtaining permanent recovery.

If I died, I would see what this God was all about, first-hand.  I pulled the trigger – CLICK. I never drank or drugged again after that loud click.

The next day I called the guy who had been trying to sponsor me and told him about my experience. Next thing, I was in a detox, and then a thirty-day rehab. Eventually I ended up in a halfway house in Atlanta, GA.  I started praying and talking to this God that had come into my beliefs. My hopelessness and depression began turning into hope and excitement about my future. Soon, I started participating in life instead of hiding from it.  I began experiencing success in life instead of failure. How had this all happened?

As the years rolled on I got married, had children, bought a house, had a savings account with money in it, finally got through college, and had a professional job making decent money.  I had a lot of responsibility.  I had stuff I needed to worry about losing.  Eventually the anxiety, fear, and emotional pain reappeared and God was relegated to a lesser status than my other “gods” — money and prestige.  You see, I still needed to be important to the world and I wasn’t there yet.addicthand
What was happening was I really hadn’t taken care of the root problem – my personal core beliefs. My beliefs were what caused my pain, and the root was the catalyst for my addiction in the first place. It took some unexpected life adjustments, like divorce and financial failure, to finally get me on the true path to a deeply personal connection with myself and God.  I spent a year in my late thirties wanting to kill myself again. I didn’t return to drugs and alcohol but the emotional pain was so bad that I wanted to die. It was after this experience that a bigger miracle and rebirth happened in my life.

It was this experience that led me to really looking at my beliefs and what they were telling me about who I was and what life was really all about. I reconnected with God but in a more powerful, deeply personal way. I got rid of some old beliefs about what God was and created my own definition of God, a definition I could really believe in and trust.  With the help of my new personal God, I rooted out my destructive beliefs and created new beliefs that were aligned with my true idea of God and the life I truly wanted to live.

It was this powerful experience that has led me to my current life – a life filled with purpose and meaning. Now I get my importance from the inside instead of trying to find it out there.  I have a foundation within myself, that has been built on that figurative solid rock, which can withstand life’s various storms that blow in from time to time. I can say that my current life experience is better than it has ever been, and I look forward to it always getting better. No more do I have to fear the doom lurking around the next corner like I did for most of my life!

Thank you so very much, Dave!  This is really good stuff.


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