MEDIA: A Real-Life Catch Me if You Can (No Joke)

I just rediscovered this video online.  This was one part of a past “20/20” (ABC) special, and it chronicled the life of boy-next-door Anthony Curcio.  Yes, as you might have guessed, he does become addicted to drugs… Nevertheless, you will surely be enlightened.
I’m sharing the video because I truly want everyone to pay attention to the evolvement of his addiction — you’ll find it extremely relatable, to say the least!  This telecast also shows just how far one will actually go for the sake of that ever-so “essential” high.  Moreover, what I found so riveting about this story, is that it thoroughly displays the dexterity one appears to gain when he or she is chasing to satisfy an interim fix.

Crazy, huh?
God bless YOU;


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