ENTRY: Praying the Way You Want to

I love crafting my own prayers.  It’s a special, sacred way of communicating with Higher Power, or God in my case.  Of course, the prayers must be written down, so that I can keep revisiting them.  They then serve like journal entries, as well.  So, these homemade devotions make for very detailed and colorful time stamps, especially when written out on paper.
This is another one of my “Me Prayers,” and I actually wrote this on the evening of November 4th, 2014 which was, yup, you guessed it, election night.  I figured that today would serve as the perfect occasion to allow my political prayer to resurface, if you will, seeing as today is the Monday before yet another big midterm election.  Plus, do you want a good example of anything in a prayer?  Try this on for size!

Political Prayer 11/4/14


I pray for the leaders
That my home country has
To guide us,
To protect us from sinister acts
And notions

And no matter how they
The morals that we all

I pray for them, their health,
Their loved ones,
And their ability to find

Short and simple.
God bless you;


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