Opioids and Assisted Suicide — Witness for Life

We’ve been told by assisted suicide advocates that doctors would prescribe lethal doses of opioids to their cancer patients who wanted “aid in dying,” or that patients would stockpile their pain medications to accumulate a lethal dose, practices encouraged by the Hemlock Society. This, they argue, is why the practice should be legalized. “It’s happening […]

via Opioids and Assisted Suicide — Witness for Life

The only articles I typically will post on here are ones that I genuinely find intriguing.  It is a fact that opioids are commonly used in euthanasia, especially by vets when putting down sick or old domestic animals.  I have always wondered what the views were, however, of people in recovery from heroin addiction, for instance.  And I absolutely do not intend to turn this into a debate about doctor-assisted suicide or capital punishment (i.e. should we or shouldn’t we?).  Using opioids as part of a lethal cocktail, do you believe it’s a totally humane way to go?  To imagine such a circumstance, I presume it would be similar to an overdose without the naloxone.

What do you think?

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