The Tale of Boozy Suzy and Her Hammer Fist — Longreads

Inside the Rise and Fall of the Pillow Fight League

via The Tale of Boozy Suzy and Her Hammer Fist — Longreads


Leagues for pillow fighting?  Yes, please!  Regardless of the fact that our increasingly progressive society has been diverging on itself for years now, splinter groups are like the crumbs of those ever-present, deviant subcultures.  The concerted obligation nowadays to recognize uniqueness, whether it be in sexuality, gender expression, choice of religion, political sway or even hairstyle has become, quite frankly, a headache.  I think this is due to the overly political landscape on which these moral liabilities reside.  It feels like people possessing these unique identity characteristics are primed for a fight before there even is one.  Who said that we must expect to fight to be celebrated, or even recognized?

The LGBT community, certain religious organizations, political groups, and even addicts-in-recovery have all experienced prejudicial treatment.  However, I don’t think it’s always going to be that way; in fact, even just the LGBT community has made huge strides in the last several years–look at gay marriage alone!  I mean, FINALLY!  Why can’t we just celebrate from the get-go?  Why can’t we just have fun, and fight the fight only when there is one?  A sense of advocacy is most certainly a beautiful trait, but so is a sense of optimism.

In other words: have fun!  Recovery is not solely about sobriety; we have to remember that it’s a lifestyle, essentially.  Moreover, it doesn’t always have to be hard & difficult, toiling work… it should be fun and enjoyable, too.  In fact, recovery is the biggest and best reward for long-term sobriety.

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