I am a Klonopin (Clonazepam) Lab Rat — My Loud Whispers of Hope

Think about how scientists determine whether medications are safe before they are manufactured. Most of the time they use lab rats, guinea pigs or mice to determine the safety, adverse reactions, side effects and effectiveness of medications and other things.  After giving these poor animals certain doses of medications over time they study their behaviors to learn how they reacted to certain medications, dosages and treatments over time.

There are many disadvantages to these type of studies, but one of the biggest is that the lab animal is obviously unable to communicate and express in any way shape or form what the medication did to them and how it made them feel. These kind of studies also fall short in the sense that they are no studies on long-term use of a certain medication before it is put out on the market. I realize there is much more involved but in a nut shell that is what happens. An animal did not die so lets use it on people now. We’re ready. Or are they?

We become the lab rats so to speak. I would like to introduce myself.
I am lab rat Sue#569872577 and I used Klonopin (Clonazepam) for over twenty years.

The bonus and miracle of my particular study is that I am actually a person–a female, age 55 years old, I can communicate, my brain still works and most importantly I am still ALIVE. I lived to tell the tale.

Many others in the same circumstance as me did not survive or are unable to discontinue the use of Benzodiazepines. There are no long-term studies of this particular drug because most people who begin using this medication cannot stop using it once they start it after long-term use of over six months to a year, so they will never know if their symptoms are actually anxiety or withdrawal symptoms that mimic severe and worsening anxiety.

Also, every person that I have come in contact with and/or read about that used Benzodiazepines for over a year and were able to successfully withdraw and stop taking Benzos has said the withdrawals (neurological damage and effects) were the worst hell they ever experienced and also that going off Benzos was the best thing they ever did and they all say, “I wish I NEVER stated taking Benzos.”

Many people who attempt to go off Klonopin, for example, cannot do it. They just can’t. They may get down to 2 mg. but can’t completely break free. They say their anxiety is too bad but it is not the anxiety, it is withdrawals. They will be prescribed a different Benzo but cannot get completely free from Benzodiazepines once they start. That is the dangerous powerful nature of Benzodiazepines.

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