POETRY: Valium Obsession

Swallowing little blue pills by the milligram, taking just enough so you don’t give a damn, it stops the anger and it brings the calm, life is what it is and I am what I am. 

No standing in line for my prescription, rudimentary methods to fulfil my addiction, from India to Pakistan or straight from someone’s kitchen, anything to rid me of this mental affliction. 
femalewriterreflectWhen anxiety threats inside your head, those little pills are your best friend, they calmed the nerves when the voices said, “don’t go out, stay in instead.”

I’ve got too much to do to be taking pills and what it comes down to is a matter of will, so there only remains one little question, is it addiction or just an obsession?

By LadyLaura of DeepUndergroundPoetry.com, 2019.


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