CHECK THIS: Living life with bipolar, med-free

Since a few of my fellow bloggers have asked me how I manage day to day life “medication-free”, I thought I would blog about how I cope from one day to the next without popping the pills. Please don’t get me wrong, just because I’m managing life without the meds, that doesn’t […]

via Living life with bipolar, med free — Bipolar? It’s not all doom and gloom


7 thoughts on “CHECK THIS: Living life with bipolar, med-free

  1. Hi Louis, first of all I’d like to congratulate you on being sober, a massive well done to you. Plus thank you for the ping back 😊👍

      1. Your very welcome Louis, I hope some of your readers can relate in some way, and more importantly I hope it can help someone 😊👍

      2. Thanks, Clive. Amazing and beautiful sentiment. I’ll definitely be keeping up on your blog from now on, as I am surely confident that many of CAA’s readers will be able to find solace in your words.

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