ENTRY: Absorbing the Big Book, before you even start it

The Big Book is a very useful tool; in fact, it’s probably more useful than a new package of guitar strings would be for me…  (Yeah really, ’tis that useful.)  I would never encourage any person in recovery to live and breathe by the Big Book, just like I don’t really think a Christian person should encourage another Christian to live by the Bible, either.  However, take what you want from the Big Book.  Leave the rest.  Use the book as a resource.  Do what you want with the Big Book.  I do different activities with the BB personally, and it’s typically based on my mood in a given moment.  That’s exactly why I started this particular blog and that’s what I wanted to touch upon with this entry.  There are loads of clever and intriguing symbols in this publication, both intentional and otherwise, so one could actually spend hours upon hours (broken up, of course!) just analyzing it.  Then, you could just read it through, chapter after chapter, learning about sobriety.  One final method, I always think, is reading the personal stories afterward.  So, there are different ways to use the BB and that keeps it exciting and constantly refreshing.

When you open up your BB, you’ll notice this introductory page right away:


That caption says:

“The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered From Alcoholism”

I remember, it was the very first aspect of the BB that my sponsor pointed out to me.  He explained to me that the BB would serve almost like my most useful school supply, as the quote announces that this book tells HOW all these thousands of people recovered, when so many people couldn’t, and when so many people were dying from it for so long.

Think about it!


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