ENTRY: Vaccinating in youth a catalyst for addiction later on?

So, I recently came across this rather small photo on the fringe of some random website recently.  I was, quite frankly, appalled.  Check this out:
xvaccineadLet me just say, what the hell!? 

I really, truly am stunned and disgusted by this ad or whatever you want to call it. Ridiculous. Just to sum it up. I actually don’t know, even after years of personal reflection, how I feel about being vaccinated. I had my normal shots growing up, and I also received that vaccination against meningitis before I left for college nine years ago, at the requirement of the university (since I was going to be living on campus for at least that first semester). However, I’ve never had a flu shot because I don’t feel that an inoculation like that is necessary if I’ve been blessed enough to not catch the flu or symptoms of it thus far (knock on wood). And that’s in general, how I feel about flu shots and similar vaccinations. If it’s medically necessary, then okay… Of course, it is all up to the parents (and it’s no one else’s business). HOWEVER, to blatantly enable a parent (or parents) who once chose to vaccinate to feel deep, massive guilt should his/their child become addicted to drugs later in life and, God forbid, fatally overdose on narcotics, is reprehensible and ILLOGICAL! There can be no substantial proof or information to show a subconscious, definitive link between being vaccinated and then using illegal narcotics intravenously later in life.

That’s just not fair to the parents or the offspring. Essentially, nobody can surely explain the origins of someone’s drug addiction. Obviously, there are tons of theories that are absolutely likely, but they’re subjective. I am sensitive to both of these major life issues and can relate to both of them, I’m sorry to say. What everything comes down to is, NO ONE can or should be blamed for a lethal OD. So, to brazenly suggest that a parent’s carefully considered decision to vaccinate his/her child is the sole catalyst behind that child becoming a drug addict is not only wrong, but it is shameful… to say the least.


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