PODCAST: The holistic approach to addiction w/ reiki master Erik Giguere, RN (Interview, pt. 1)

As a peer specialist, I get to talk to and help some amazing patients.  Another part of the job that I love, though, is my fellow staff members.  One of the most perceptive, resourceful, and truly inspired individuals with whom I get to work each day is Erik Giguere.  He is a registered nurse, but outside of the office, he also owns and operates a successful business called Sage n’ Spice Health & Wellness Center (located in Auburn, Maine).chakra-kundalini-reiki9ed77790f1862f857ff2e2d689eab77bErik also wholeheartedly believes in the spiritual & holistic approach to addiction medicine, as well.  I just had to talk to him about what that entails, particularly from the clinical perspective.  I figured it would also make for an awesome podcast, and so did Erik!  I had a blast putting the podcast together, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

ALSO, if you are indeed interested in meeting one-on-one with Erik, please drop me a line via the CONTACT page for his number & email!

Check out the first half of his interview here: