FROM-1-2-1: Shedding the Darkness

I aim for redemption by way of self-reflection; we should all do the same.  We all must become willing to explore deep self-reflection in order to become whole.

Many of us in this “sober movement” understand that, in order to shed the old, we must become willing to take suggestions (The Steps from AA) #1, 2, & 3 as our launching point to freedom from self.
Furthermore, there are many individuals who will not make these ever-so crucial decisions out of great fear, and then continue into his/her “false reality.” In turn, they will quickly fade into the darkness.
Therefore, action, action, and more action is what is required to achieve a pathway of continuous light via three elements.

1) A Power Greater Than Ourselves
2) A Trusted Friend (a sponsor)
3) The Twelve Suggestions (the Steps)

– Sarkis S.


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