SHARED: Receiving Gifts — The Banquet Table

Now as adults, I think for the most part we do our best to at least show gratitude for the gifts others give us around Christmas time.  However, we all know a gift we’ve given to a kid that just didn’t make the cut. It gets tossed, or maybe a “this sucks, I don’t want socks!”  We chalk it up to them just being kids and might even give the time-tested platitude “Oh from the mouth of babes!”  But the truth is as adults we are not very good at receiving gifts either.  We can generate artificial gratitude, but we all know that the gifts we like are the ones that we use.  Do you remember the Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph?  Well, we have a shelf of misfit gifts that stays in the dark recesses of our basement.

I can be bad at receiving gifts from other people, but I am especially terrible at receiving gifts from the Lord.  God is the original gift-giver, and Scripture is filled with language about how the Father lavishly pours out gifts for all his children!

So the question is this: what gift are you not receiving from the Lord? What has God given you that like a little kid you shrug your shoulders and throw it in some corner of the room to get dusty? Is it a talent, a relationship, something else?

via Receiving Gifts — The Banquet Table


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