I wrote this prayer about six years ago and it is one of my favorites. I got into crafting my own prayers because of this really, super sweet older woman I met years ago at an AA meeting. She told me she kept a journal with poems and prayers that she would write, simply because it made her feel good. She encouraged me to do the same. When I asked her if she prayed the prayers, she said she absolutely did. She would pray those prayers to her Higher Power, when she felt it prudent in her life. So, not long after that, I began to write my own prayers. And all mine have their own themes. This one asks my Higher Power for more energy. I will share it with you all. Let me tell you, I call my Higher Power God, but you don’t have to, as your Higher Power, if you choose to have one, can be whomever you want. Happy Prayers!

Assist me in my quest to become
For the remainder of today

As I am a vehicle for survival
Powered solely by Your will
Your very, very immense will
But Your capacity to keep
Our relationship
Intimate and extremely direct
Grants me a continuous,
Calming faith

And so with this faith,
I confidently ask You
To keep me up and running
In order to complete the cycle
To acknowledge Your will.



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