SPIRITUALITY: Prayer Penning

At the recommendation of the sweet old lady from AA home group meetings several years ago, I started keeping an actual spirit journal, and I came up with an original title for it. At her suggestion, too, I decorated it, since it really did have more sentimental meaning to me at that point. I decided to call my very first original prayer diary “The Spiritual Upgrade.”

On the back of the first few pages of The Spiritual Upgrade, I labeled the top of every one with “Me Prayer #1,” “Me Prayer #2,” “Me Prayer #3,” and so forth.  As mentioned in a recent post, a fellow AA member had inspired me to write my own prayers.  It was such a beautiful idea.  It would be enjoyable for me, especially, and it’s such a personal and soothing way to carry out Step 11.  When this older woman who told me after a meeting that she was writing her own prayers, I thought that was a stroke of genius and it was during a time when I really felt like my entire prayer life was close to non-existent.

I don’t believe that you MUST drop to your knees from bed to pray every single morning in order to be the “good” sober person.  We know there is no such thing as a “good sober person.”  Of course, there are certain and specific activities that we should make ourselves do; there are little practices that each and every one of us hates doing, but we all know that it is smart and logical in order to maintain our sobriety, of course.  A good example of this would be removing the phone numbers of old drinking buddies or drug dealers from your cell phone or just getting a new phone/phone number altogether.  Even though it seems like a huge pain, you know it is something that has to be done.  I went through that myself.  However, with praying, you don’t have to necessary kneel bedside with your hands crossed and your head facing down in order to be deemed good.  Whatever that means.  I truly feel that if we make an honest effort to silently recite prayers in our heads at some point during the day, or even rewrite prayers down in a cheap, little, Dollar Store notepad (very good idea), then that means we’re maintaining our prayer lives.  We would know it deep down inside of ourselves.

A beautifully decorated journal.

So, without further ado, this is the first, Me Prayer

(There have some minor updates for 2020, however! I hope this inspires you!)

Apprehension Prayer

As you live within me,

Enable the breath that is Spirit
To never cease breathing;

For my Spirit will always be


Owing to your grace;
As you live within me,

Renew the courage of Heart
To live a brave and

Impassioned life

Owing to your grace,

Thy will be done.

Copyright 2020, By Louis Grassi

One thought on “SPIRITUALITY: Prayer Penning

  1. I invite all of you to practice prayer penning. It is wonderfully gratifying but then you create something you can use the rest of your life in relation to recovery. So, it’s also a precious way to avoid becoming complacent in your sobriety. Think about it!

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