MUST-SHARE: The Addiction Medium

It started with prophetic dreams while I slept. My dreams from the preceding night would come true in the next day or two. It was exceptionally alarming at first but I got used to it. The first one and probably one of the most memorable was one day during the early morning hours when I was just 7 years old. I dreamt that I could see my paternal grandfather in a plush, soft, and very grand field, simply walking around aimlessly with an enormous smile gracing his face. I have no idea how long this lasted for as time is basically non-existent when we dream. All of a sudden, I remember him being whisked up into the big blue sky like a vacuum zipping across a carpet.

I am sure you could predict what I had discovered when I awoke just the next morning. He’d passed that night. I couldn’t believe it. Also, as a remarkable rather random bonus to this story, at the time of his passing I had maybe just a couple more baby teeth left to lose. Well, whenever I saw my grandfather, he would always joke and taunt me and my siblings, but it was always in his trademark, stern Italian jest.

Nevertheless, sometimes he did go too far with scaring us, particularly me, but it was in good fun. He loved to pull our loose teeth if we had them. And sometimes, he pulled teeth prematurely (quite unfortunately). Anyways, I am veering off in the Waybackmachine and I should get back. Well, at the time of his passing, I’d had this one tooth that just wouldn’t come out, even when I yanked extremely hard on it. I’d even called on the familial troops to help me. Alas, the morning of his death, the tooth was ACTUALLY out of my mouth and underneath my pillow. I know that it was him committing one final ribbing, if you will. Nonetheless, this whole occurrence was my first experience with prophetic dreams, yes, but also anything related to my conscious connection to the unseen, but very real, spirit world.

Now, I see that I can talk to the spirits of the loved ones that have passed from opiate/opioid overdoses. To be specific I usually feel the Spirit to my right side, always standing very close to me, specifically for the purpose of communication.

I have to say, this is no whim. As mentioned, I’ve been experiencing prophetic dreams for over 25 years. Furthermore, I’ve been honing in on this sort of mediumship, if you will, in the past 10 years, privately. I am finally ready to go public with it. I want to offer people the experience of contacting someone that they may have lost, especially to an overdose.

I would like to offer you a mediumship reading. No charge as I would like to establish a reputation first. Please email Louis at I will get right back to you!

Join me on my journey.

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