Intuitive Readings & Wealth Codes, FREE of charge to CAA followers!

So, I am appealing to all my readers here on the blog. If you would like a FREE intuitive reading, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY. Simply email me at That will be the quickest way for me to see your request. The readings will last about 15-20 minutes and, as I just mentioned, since I am working to build my reputation, they will be FREE for right now (no questions asked!). We can conduct a reading via phone or on Zoom, whichever you prefer.

During the reading, we can talk about basically anything you want to talk about pertaining to YOUR life. Try to steer away from gossiping. Also, let’s keep politics out of it. And I will NOT predict specific scores/outcomes of sporting events as that is majorly unethical. Everything discussed in a reading will be kept 100% confidential

If you do end up getting a reading from me, I can also offer you a service called wealth code retrieval. Astrologer Prema Lee Guerri believes we humans are all innately wired for wealth and prosperity. Each person’s “wealth code,” as she describes it, is like a specific blueprint in our soul, and each person’s is different. This would explain why people have a different timeframe as to when they are to achieve their wealth and prosperity. Also, each person’s blueprint is sacred, therefore unique to that individual. Well, I’ve developed my own version of wealth code reading, and this is another service that I can offer to you FREE of charge. The people that I’ve provided this service to already are super excited about it, and I think you will be too!

Blessings to all! And remember:, let’s set up a time! This is a free 15-20 minute reading, as I am trying to build up my reputation! Send me an email today! Find out if you’re on the right track in life!

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