The Empty Promise of Alcohol — National Addiction News

Promise 1 Alcohol promised me confidence. But my feelings of guilt, shame and paranoia when I was drinking led to a drastic drop in my self-confidence and self-belief. The lack of quality sleep that heavy alcohol consumption led to and the impact on my brain function meant that I was mostly just getting through life, … Continue reading The Empty Promise of Alcohol — National Addiction News


ENTRY: Praying the Way You Want to

I love crafting my own prayers.  It's a special, sacred way of communicating with Higher Power, or God in my case.  Of course, the prayers must be written down, so that I can keep revisiting them.  They then serve like journal entries, as well.  So, these homemade devotions make for very detailed and colorful time … Continue reading ENTRY: Praying the Way You Want to

MEDIA: A greatly overshadowed risk in the US

And this is basically just Australia.  Since we're dealing with a gravely serious opioid problem in the United States, mainstream media doesn't often discuss the dangers of benzodiazepines like Xanax (alprazolam), Klonopin (clonazepam), or Ativan (lorazepam).  Plus, I feel like kids and teens actually have an even greater chance of finding these types of drugs … Continue reading MEDIA: A greatly overshadowed risk in the US

ENTRY: Positive ‘Stepping Stones’

Yesterday, I chaired the peer-support group that I came up with called, "Stepping Stones."  I would never have been able to make the opportunity a reality if it weren't for the perpetual support and overall guidance of my own counselor (and also group co-chair!).  To honor her privacy, I will refrain from mentioning even just … Continue reading ENTRY: Positive ‘Stepping Stones’

MEDIA: Opioid Art

I know I've already said this once, but honestly, I am so sick of hearing "opioid crisis" or "opiate epidemic."  Every single time one of these more technical-sounding terms are used on the local and national news briefings, I feel like the actual issue of drug addiction and substance abuse loses a little bit of … Continue reading MEDIA: Opioid Art

ENTRY: Making a Vision a Dream Come True

Recovery from the extremely painful wrath of substance abuse & dependency is a concept that evokes inspiration.  If an effort to attain actual recovery is carried out, no matter what that entails... it really is just, such a stirring, compelling notion.  Generally speaking, in order to experience a prominent sense of closure to one’s active … Continue reading ENTRY: Making a Vision a Dream Come True

MEDIA: Slam Song

I'm a passionate musician.  I love songwriting.  This track is actually on my next record that hasn't even been released, but I thought this tune would be appropriate to post.  It is a bit graphic, and it's not a typical song.  It's basically like a poetry slam song.  You know slam poetry?  Basically the physical … Continue reading MEDIA: Slam Song

Inception Site

I am beyond delighted that you've somehow found your way to the site.  And you know, feel welcome here - anyone.  This blog is for everyone, but particularly those vulnerable souls out there who happen to be toiling and struggling within the skin-tight grasp of addiction. I know what it's like.  Believe me, really, I … Continue reading Inception Site