From1-2-1: Slow Time

I appreciate all of the your patience with me and my delayed posting to the blog, as of late!  Let me just say that first of all, I will never abandon this blog out of non-interest, that I can pledge.  However, in the last couple weeks, I've since started my brand new job as the … Continue reading From1-2-1: Slow Time

MEDIA: MAT Clinics, Powers for Good & Not Evil

It's no secret that I wholeheartedly support and stand by ALL methods to attain recovery via sobriety.  For example, I respect and admire addicts who attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, work with a sponsor, and actually delve into the 12-step process.  Furthermore, I definitely can attest to the fact that there are some people in recovery … Continue reading MEDIA: MAT Clinics, Powers for Good & Not Evil