NEWS FEED: Non-Addictive Painkiller Found Effective

These scientists have been working to find a safe, non-addictive pain killer to help fight the current opioid crisis in this country – and they may have done just that. Known as AT-121, the new chemical compound has dual therapeutic action that suppressed the addictive effects of opioids and produced morphine-like analgesic effects in non-human primates. … Continue reading NEWS FEED: Non-Addictive Painkiller Found Effective


MEDIA: A Hippocratic Hypocrisy

The video shown here is, in a word, startling.  Sadly, there are many heedless doctors out there still that waste no time in churning out dozens of Vicodin and Valium scripts, simply because they know the patient wants it.  And even if the prescription calls for only seven or 10 pills, that does not at … Continue reading MEDIA: A Hippocratic Hypocrisy

C4A: Employment Gaps Problematic for Recovery Community

One of my goals with this blog, in addition to enabling a network of individuals proud to be in recovery, is to draw attention to the fact that addicts attempting to maintain sobriety are constantly experiencing a vast plethora of difficulties in everyday life.  There are some people out there, non-addicts, that simply don't get … Continue reading C4A: Employment Gaps Problematic for Recovery Community

ENTRY: Positive ‘Stepping Stones’

Yesterday, I chaired the peer-support group that I came up with called, "Stepping Stones."  I would never have been able to make the opportunity a reality if it weren't for the perpetual support and overall guidance of my own counselor (and also group co-chair!).  To honor her privacy, I will refrain from mentioning even just … Continue reading ENTRY: Positive ‘Stepping Stones’

MEDIA: Opioid Art

I know I've already said this once, but honestly, I am so sick of hearing "opioid crisis" or "opiate epidemic."  Every single time one of these more technical-sounding terms are used on the local and national news briefings, I feel like the actual issue of drug addiction and substance abuse loses a little bit of … Continue reading MEDIA: Opioid Art

ENTRY: Making a Vision a Dream Come True

Recovery from the extremely painful wrath of substance abuse & dependency is a concept that evokes inspiration.  If an effort to attain actual recovery is carried out, no matter what that entails... it really is just, such a stirring, compelling notion.  Generally speaking, in order to experience a prominent sense of closure to one’s active … Continue reading ENTRY: Making a Vision a Dream Come True

Drugs Suck, but the People that Use them Do Not

I’m sick of hearing the word "opioid."  Especially when it's from the mouth of a non-addict.  They don't know the severity and true & totally utter pain that a SUD can inflict.  I don't even think non-addicts could make a valid attempt to understand it. Even when I was actively using drugs several years ago, … Continue reading Drugs Suck, but the People that Use them Do Not

Inception Site

I am beyond delighted that you've somehow found your way to the site.  And you know, feel welcome here - anyone.  This blog is for everyone, but particularly those vulnerable souls out there who happen to be toiling and struggling within the skin-tight grasp of addiction. I know what it's like.  Believe me, really, I … Continue reading Inception Site