SPECIAL: Maintain RECOVERY from home during the pandemic!

I just found out that there is a live stream available on, where else, YouTube (of course) to those individuals who still wish to attend AA meetings on a daily basis. Well now, you theoretically still can!  Just like how most schools in the country are managing with their "distance learning," well we folks in … Continue reading SPECIAL: Maintain RECOVERY from home during the pandemic!


POETRY: Just Beneath the Surface

"Just Beneath the Surface" by Dean B. [circa 2000] Just beneath the surface of her pleasant, winning smile, Pompous and indignant, it’s been there quite a while, Comforting, reliable, it keeps her in the dark, At least a million reasons and subtle quirks remark: “Sure it makes a lot of sense!” she’ll deal with it … Continue reading POETRY: Just Beneath the Surface

ENTRY: Now Write it Out, Write it Out…

A few years ago, I remember being at a Tuesday night home-group meeting [AA] and I had decided to stay for a few minutes at the end to help with putting away some folding chairs.  One of the group's more doughty members was actually this gravelly-voiced older woman named Tessa.  I ended up growing to … Continue reading ENTRY: Now Write it Out, Write it Out…

ENTRY: The Isle of Denial

During a recent meeting, the chair decided to read one of the patient stories towards the end of the BB.  It was actually quite bracing for me as I’ve yet to come across an AA group or person from the program that places decent emphasis on those stories at the end.  Since they essentially are just … Continue reading ENTRY: The Isle of Denial