From1-2-1: Addiction & Mental Health… The Toll it Takes

When I was 15 years old, I took my very first drink of alcohol. It was the weekend after I was abused and it tasted so good. I never realized a drink could diminish and even erase feeling associated with the trauma I had gone through. That was it; I knew the solution to all … Continue reading From1-2-1: Addiction & Mental Health… The Toll it Takes


C4A: Medical Discrimination Against Addicts is a Real Problem

  @CAllAddicts Many people suffering from Addiction have serious medical problems.Medical Discrimination against Addicts is HUGE in medical profession, yet not being addressed. My Granddaughter Died in Horrific medical condition from being Denied proper medical treatment... — Patty Caldwell (@tiredofgop) July 30, 2018  

MEDIA: A Hippocratic Hypocrisy

The video shown here is, in a word, startling.  Sadly, there are many heedless doctors out there still that waste no time in churning out dozens of Vicodin and Valium scripts, simply because they know the patient wants it.  And even if the prescription calls for only seven or 10 pills, that does not at … Continue reading MEDIA: A Hippocratic Hypocrisy