FOOD4Thought: Intuitive Counselor in Recovery Colette Baron-Reid

ENTRY: MAT Protocol in Need of Empathy–NOT Sympathy

As a person facing true substance use disorder, you do in fact have many options when it comes to attaining sobriety, and in turn a life built around everlasting recovery.  Inpatient rehabs are widely considered the gold-standard when it comes to initial sobriety.  I say 'initial' since, just as with any option for treatment, getting … Continue reading ENTRY: MAT Protocol in Need of Empathy–NOT Sympathy


FROM 1-2-1: Redefining Rehab

I have always been big on using inferences to explain concepts. So far, I believe that everything in the world is tied to everything else. That the simplest concepts can explain the most complex ideas. This way, I find it easier to understand how some things work without necessarily breaking a sweat. It’s all about … Continue reading FROM 1-2-1: Redefining Rehab

From1-2-1: Addiction & Mental Health… The Toll it Takes

When I was 15 years old, I took my very first drink of alcohol. It was the weekend after I was abused and it tasted so good. I never realized a drink could diminish and even erase feeling associated with the trauma I had gone through. That was it; I knew the solution to all … Continue reading From1-2-1: Addiction & Mental Health… The Toll it Takes

MEDIA: Amy Winehouse

In the midst of some very compelling stories being contributed right now, I wanted to take a moment for this musical interlude.  How 'bout we take a look (and listen) to the beautifully talented, dulcet-voiced Amy Winehouse.   So many of her songs, particularly the ones she wrote singularly were lyrically and musically genius.  We … Continue reading MEDIA: Amy Winehouse