FROM 1 ADDICT 2 ANOTHER: Gratitude Lists

Today, on Twitter, I had the pleasure of talking to a very sweet, fellow recovering addict.  She is allowing me to post her handle on the site, it’s @jonniqueen.  Let me tell ya, this girl is infinitely wise; I found her to be incredibly insightful and it was a great pleasure to exchange words with her.


Per my request, she shared with me one of her recent gratitude lists.  She also said I could post it here, which is totally awesome.  Gratitude lists are truly powerful tools.  They’re also very, very simple.  I mean, they’re self-explanatory, really.  You essentially write down all the “things” in your life, or people, situations, events (past & future), places, attitudes etc. for which you are grateful.  Personally, I think at any stage of the recovery process, it is vital to put yourself first.  You need to count to you.  Hey, you’re a living, breathing human being, too.  This may sound funky, but you deserve to be heard–even by yourself.  Gratitude lists are like the primo positive reinforcements.  You can write one as often as you see fit.  

Here is hers:

These kids… These high school students who rallied 1,000,000+ Americans together for marches all over their nation in order to bring necessary change, because the adults in power weren’t doing their job to keep them safe. I was taught early on, “Faith without works is dead.” With kids like them, I have
faith in our future. Each day I wake up instead of coming to, and work a program of recovery to the best of my ability, the possibilities of growth and abundance are limitless.
Joy, pure joy.
You, me, WE. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!

In my family of origin, a conversation = confrontation. It doesn’t have to be that way in recovery.




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