UPDATE: Charlie’s daughter, 5 months later…

Back in May, one of our readers submitted a very courageous, poignant first-hand account describing his own experiences with addiction.  While not an addict himself, he experienced some of the harshest depths of this harrowing illness via his daughter.  His name was Charlie and he wrote one truly fascinating entry describing the pain he experienced.

Well, Charlie just e-mailed me yesterday, updating me with his daughter’s status as of today.  She is doing quite well today; his daughter is still sober, and Charlie couldn’t be more thankful.  As with many ailments, there are often a variety of ways to treat any given diagnosis.  As we know by now, with “opioid dependency,” the term diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks most certainly rings true.  You could go the MAT route, like with Suboxone or methadone, you could do abstinence-based recovery, AA meetings, IOP, or, like Charlie’s daughter, you could go to in-patient rehab.  Charlie’s daughter seemed to have a very positive experience at a rehab facility in California called Monarch Shores.  Check it out.

Thanks for the update, Charlie!  Please write for us again!

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