ENTRY: Oh, Lovely Energy

Life is good.  I am living it one day at a time, in a sober manner.  There are some very stressful situations, but hey, that’s life.  Stress is totally, 100% typical for everybody.  That’s clear.  Also, none of us is perfect.  I am a perfectionist, but I have to always remember that I will never be perfect, and that’s okay.  However, I do believe that, with regard to perfectionism, it’s okay to try to be perfect sometimes, as long as it isn’t physically or mentally ripping you apart.  I know that I will never ever be “perfect,” (who even judges perfection anyways; is it a being in this life?!).  Yet, just making an attenuated but spirited effort to try to perfect one’s actions will often result in utter brilliance nonetheless.  Hey, think about it!

In the meantime, check out the self-penned Energy Prayer:

Assist me in my quest to remain/become*
For the remainder of today

As I am a vehicle for survival
Powered solely by Your will
Your very, very immense will
But Your capacity to keep
Our relationship
Intimate and extremely direct
Grants me a continuous,
Calming faith

And so with this faith,
I confidently ask You
To keep me up and running
In order to complete the cycle
To acknowledge Your will.


*You choose the word, depending on how you feel.

God bless you;


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