MEDIA: Black Holes

I’ve been in one of those fulfilling, whimsical, very musical moods lately.  I’m extremely passionate about music.  I have been my whole life; technically, it is certainly not the most unique attribute.  However, when I was a lil young’un, I can remember prancing around the house, singing at the top of my lungs in a booming but sumptuous fashion.  Being the eternal josher, I simply felt that I was playing around back then.  Later on, at about 11 or 12, I had this faint realization; why can’t I sing, too?  And I didn’t mean, like, singing a la School of Rock.  I just figured, hey I’m loud enough, maybe I should give it a whirl seeing as I totally loved swiping CDs from my older brother and blasting them in my bedroom (before he came home, of course!).
Here we are… It’s almost 20 years later, I’m singing, playing guitar, composing my very own songs, and even getting to record & perform them!  (I can also afford my own albums, too, thankfully.)  It’s exciting to say the least, and I don’t think I could ever take this true passion for granted.  Music has always been that vital emotional outlet to me.  Even as an addict-in-recovery, I know that I can turn to my guitar when I feel one of those dubious waves of complacency about to set my mind awash.

Check out this recording I did just two years ago.  It’s actually an acoustic version of a tune that was originally performed by the No Doubt cognate I-Nine.  The song’s called Black Hole.  When it comes to addiction, there isn’t an addict out there who wouldn’t be able to relate to the tune’s sad sentiment.  I strongly believe that ALL addicts know exactly what it’s like to lose a friend or family member to a relapse.  Unlike a fatal overdose, however, relapsing does not always end in death.

Every single day, I pray that any person who’s back to using will find that drug-free outlet through which he or she can filter such powerful and prevalent emotions.  That’s what music does for me.  I think one’s emotional outlet, whether it be writing, singing, exercising, working, meditating, whatever, is a perpetual aspect to one’s own support system.

Think about it;


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